My Favorites

*Using My Favorites requires cookies. If your Web browser settings do not allow cookies to be saved on your computer, you will not be able to use My Favorites without changing your Web browser's settings.*

Any media file within MEDICA can be added to your Favorites for viewing, e-mailing, saving to your local machine, or posting to Web sites. When you view collections in MEDICA, click My Favorites to review or edit your personal favorites.

Items can be added to My Favorites when you search or browse a MEDICA collection. The option to add an item to your Favorites is available any time you view an item or its description.

To Add Items to My Favorites:

When you open an item to view it, the link to add items to My Favorites appears in the upper and lower corners of the page. When you open a compound object to view it, links to add either the entire compound object or the page that you are viewing are in the upper middle of the page.

1. Click Add to Favorites. The item and the item description are added to My Favorites. When viewing compound objects, add single pages or add the entire compound object to My Favorites.

2. Click Back to Results to return to browsing or searching.

To Add Multiple Items to My Favorites:

1. From the browse or search results view, place a check in the check boxes to the left of the desired items, or click Select All.

2. Click Add to Favorites.

Only the items on the current Web page may be added to My Favorites. For example, you cannot select items on one results page and move to another page to select more items before adding to My Favorites.

Using and Managing My Favorites

Once you have added items to My Favorites, you can view images as slideshows, compare images, delete selected items, or change the order of items within your Favorites page. These functions are located on the left side of the My Favorites page. Using these options does not affect the collection itself.

Up to 100 items may be saved to your Favorites. For each item that has been added to My Favorites, a thumbnail image is displayed. Click the thumbnail image to access the corresponding item.

To View as Slideshow:

The slideshow section is located at the top of the left side of the My Favorites page.

1. From the left toolbar of the My Favorites page, click Slideshow. The slideshow viewer opens.

2. Click Next or Previous to move through the images in your slideshow.

3. To view the item metadata, click Metadata.

4. To compare two images side by side, click Compare.

5. To jump to a specific item, use the drop-down list.

6. Close the slideshow viewer to return to My Favorites.

Note: Only images (such as GIF, JPEG, PNG) can be viewed in the slideshow. Compound objects, audio, and video files cannot be viewed in the slideshow.

To Compare Images:

The compare view can be accessed from My Favorites or the slideshow view.

1. Use the drop-down lists in the Compare section to specify items you want to compare.

2. Click Compare. The comparison window opens.

To compare other items once the comparison window is open, use the drop-down lists at the top of the comparison window to select the corresponding item number. You can also use the previous and next links within the comparison window to select new items to compare.

Note: Only images (such as GIF, JPEG, PNG) can be viewed in the compare mode. Compound objects, audio, and video files cannot be viewed in the comparison view. If an item cannot be viewed in the compare mode, item numbers are grayed-out.

To Remove Images from My Favorites:

1. From the Remove drop-down list, select the number of the image you wish to remove. To remove multiple items, use your mouse to select items from the drop-down list while pressing the Ctrl key until all desired items have been selected. To remove all items from My Favorites select All from the bottom of the drop-down list.

2. Click Remove. A confirmation message appears.

3. Click OK. This action removes the image from My Favorites but does not remove any images from collections.

To Move Images:

1. From the first drop-down list, select the number that corresponds to the image you wish to move.

2. In the second drop-down list, select the number of the new position where you want to move the image.

3. Click Move.

Publishing and Saving My Favorites

My Favorites can be saved or published for course lectures, posting to Web sites, or e-mailing. As long as the CONTENTdm server is accessible to the recipient, the items contained on a published page may be viewed by simply clicking on the thumbnails.

To Save as Web Page:

The Save As Web Page option is located on the left side of the My Favorites page.

1. In the Save As Web Page section of the My Favorites page, type a name for your Favorites in the text box. If you do not enter a name the file will be saved with the default name "My Favorites".

2. Click Create. A new Web page opens.

My Favorites

3. From the File menu in the Web browser toolbar, click Save As....

4. In the Save Web Page dialog box, confirm the name of the Web page you are creating and then choose Web Page, HTML only as the file type. Select a location to save the file.

Repeat these steps with different sets of saved Favorites to create and save multiple Favorites pages.

Save as dialog box

An example of a CONTENTdm My Favorites saved as a Web page is below.

My Favorites saved as a Web page

To Replace Existing Favorites:

To edit a Favorites Web page you have published or to resave a published page as your Favorites you must replace your existing My Favorites with the published page. To do this:

1. Open the published Web page.

2. Click the Make Favorites button located at the top of the published page. Any existing items saved in My Favorites will be overwritten and replaced with the current page.

Clicking Make Favorites stores all of the items shown on the page in CONTENTdm Favorites for the creator or the recipient (provided the CONTENTdm Server is accessible to the recipient). Items can be compared, moved, or removed using the tools on the CONTENTdm My Favorites page.