MEDICA as MUSC's Institutional Repository

About the Institutional Repository

MEDICA, as MUSC's Institutional Repository, has been developed to collect, maintain and provide access to the scholarly works produced by the Medical University of South Carolina. Faculty and students of MUSC are encouraged to submit their articles, data sets, dissertations/theses, posters, manuscripts, pre-prints, book chapters, and more.


If your work is not currently in digital format, we may be able to digitize it for inclusion.

How do you benefit?


Not only does MEDICA provide a way to promote open scholarly communication, preserve access to your work, and a stable link to retrieve it, but it will most likely be read by a larger audience and cited more times. Some studies have estimated that open access articles are cited 50% to 250% more than non-open access articles.

How does MUSC benefit?


MEDICA enables the university to return the fruits of its research to the local community, improves its visibility and standing in the academic enterprise, and enhances the quality of its scholarship. MEDICA is a timely, comprehensive collection of research output that can also facilitate institutional advancement.


For assistance searching or using the collection, please contact the Waring Historical Library.


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